FINTAN & SÍLE ARE GETTING MARRIED is a work in progress piece written by Ali Hardiman with music by Sam Hardiman which was performed as part of the Smock Allies Scene + Heard Festival in the Main Space Smock Alley Theatre, Febraury 2019. It is directed by Martha Dunlea and performed by Ali Hardiman, Gordon Quigley and Aoife Martyn with sound design by Sam Hardiman. 


Happiest Day Of Their Lives! Right?

They've only gone and bloody done it... Fintan & Síle are getting married! Síle's sister Pauline has been invited over to hear the great news.

But Pauline is in no mood to hear of marriage, in fact Pauline has some news of her own…


FINTAN & SÍLE ARE GETTING MARRIED is a comedy about the complicated dynamic between family members and the breakdown of communication. 

Fintan and Síle are sensible people. They live in a sensible home, with sensible furniture and wear sensible clothes. Pauline is anything but. 

Síle is half terrified to tell Pauline the news of their engagement, Fintan is half terrified of Pauline full stop.

An evening of family dinner takes twists and turns and dark secrets emerge as we battle out the meaning of family.